The Newspaper Headlines

Headlines are the sort of ‘titles ‘above newspaper articles.The headlines in English language newspaper can be sometimes very difficult to understand. One reason for this is that newspaper headlines are often written in special style,words are used in unusual ways,and there are some specials rules of grammar.

Short words save space,and so they are very common in newspaper headlines.Some of the short words in headlines are unusual in ordinary English (e.g.curb meaning restriction),but they are very common in newspaper headlines. Some are used in special senses which they do not often have in ordinary language (e.g. bid meaning ‘attempt’). Other words are chosen because they sound dramatic (e.g. blaze,meaning ‘fire’).

Newspaper headlines often follow rather different gramatical rules from other kinds of writing. For example, headlines are not always complete sentences and they often contain three four,or more nouns.





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